What Is The AEON?

The AEON (Short for The Arthawk Entertainment Online Network), is a transmedia storytelling and entertainment online platform, and the flagship offering of Arthawk Entertainment Inc., based in Philadelphia, PA.

Our platform, The AEON, enables lovers of comics, games, & animation to experience original series by top content creators, on our unique transmedia platform, either as a free subscription with ads, or as a paid subscription, for ad free stories, day and date release, and additional exclusive content.

Paid plans start at $4.99 a month for just one medium (your choice of either comics, games, or animation). Or get all three mediums (comics, games, & animation) for only $9.99 a month. Annual plans are also available, at significant savings.

Whether we have 10 comics or 100, 5 games or 50, 9 animated series or 90, you choose what plan is right for you. Choose, and subscribe today!

The future of content is NOW.

Our international team of content professionals combined have over a 100 years of experience producing content for the likes of Marvel, Disney, Time Warner, Archie, Sony, & Paramount, among others. We are also adding hot up and comers to the mix.

Founded in July of 2013, The AEON team consists of:

Derrick A. Richardson-(Founder/CEO) The Co-Creator/Artist/Writer of “Action Angels  International”, & “I Am Power Unlimited”. Veteran comic book artist. As part of Maximum Overtime Studios, has worked for Marvel, DC,  & Malibu.

Alex Simmons– (Co-Founder/Editor-In-Chief) Writer for DC and Archie Comics, amongst others, and writer/creator of our launch series  “Blackjack”.

Christopher M. Taylor– (Co-Founder) Creator/Writer/Artist of “Space Station Orbiter:  Cloud 99”. Veteran comic book artist. Has worked for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and others.

 Jessie Lasaten – (Animation Producer) Founder & CEO, Cutting Edge Productions, our online & feature animation team.

 Mike Kunkel – Our Animation Consultant. Veteran animator for Disney, Sony, Paramount,  and others. Award winning comic book writer, and artist.

Subscribe now, and join us, as we utilize the power of transmedia storytelling to bring the world’s top creators, and their current and potential fans together, on any internet enabled device with a screen.

There are 7.7 BILLION phones, tablets, and phablets in use worldwide. 1.7 Billion Smartphones. Right now.

And we plan on being available on as many of them as possible, delivering amazing entertainment value to you, wherever you are.

Join us. We’re building worlds.

The AEON is coming. 08 28 15


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